Validating xml file in java

This package is also available in Java 1.3 and later when you install JAXP 1.3 separately.

Among other products, an implementation of this library is included with Xerces 2.8. If you validate in multiple threads simultaneously, make sure each one has its own However, normally this isn't what you want.

*/ private Validator get Addon Validator(int version, @Nullable Capture Error Handler handler) throws SAXException /** * Create a new instance of a [email protected] Validator}, based on [email protected] #schema}, * that captures validation errors/warnings using [email protected] Handler}.

* * @return the new instance of [email protected] Validator} that captures validation * errors/warnings */ private Validator create New Error Validator() /** * This function attempts to validate an XML string against the specified * schema.

NS_LATEST_VERSION} * @param handler A [email protected] Capture Error Handler}.

If null the default will be used, * which will most likely print errors to stderr.

It enables you to quickly check that input is roughly in the form you expect and quickly reject any document that is too far away from what your process can handle.

If there's a problem with the data, it's better to find out earlier than later.

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The validation is successful when the package com.xsd; import sax.

In the context of Extensible Markup Language (XML), validation normally involves writing a detailed specification for the document's contents in any of several schema languages such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML Schema Language (XSD), RELAX NG, Document Type Definitions (DTDs), and Schematron.

Sometimes validation is performed while parsing, sometimes immediately after.

XSD (XML Schema Definition) represent the content model or grammar of an XML document.

XML schema defines the elements that form an XML document.


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