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Probably 1975 or 1976 David Cockerell developed a flanger for Electro-Harmonix they named Electric Mistress [1]. It very soon received a change in design of the case printing and the filter matrix switch had been added.Marketing for the Electric Mistress started 1977 with first ads published [2]. From 1977 to the 1982 the Electric Mistress was produced with only small changes to the schematic, but many different PCBs [3].We plunged into production and I brought the very first units up to Henry, the boss at Manny's Music Store on 48th Street, NYC.Visit our online store for easy ordering of NOS and new production vacuum tubes.

By 1963 the "Les Paul" was dropped and models were simply called the SG Junior, the SG standard and the SG custom.EHX also promises there will be “powerful yet intuitive” 'hidden' parameters, accessed via a secondary knob mode for greater control. The Electro-Harmonix POG2 effect pedal is a polyphonic octave generator that lets you conjure up everything from the surreal jangle of an 18-string guitar to rich, thick walls of symphonic sound.Choose from names like RCA, Mullard, GE, Philips, Amperex, SED (Svetlana Electron Devices), Sovtek, JJ, Tung Sol (NOS and Reissue) and Electro Harmonix.We specialize in repair and modification of vintage, hand wired tube amplifiers. Browse tube and amplifier FAQs, tube substitution guides, user reviews, amplifier tube layout diagrams and other useful tube/amplifier information.When I got the prototype from Bob, I loved the long sustain.


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