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Cross platform synchronisation for me is what I was looking for the most.

Il y a plusieurs situation dans lesquelles un utilisateur doit remettre à zéro son mot de passe.

Protect, manage and share your passwords, documents, private photos and other personal information with world-class security, right from your Windows desktop, Surface or phone.

Keeper is fanatical about protecting your information.

Souvent, les gens oublient leur mot de passe ou subissent une faille de sécurité peut avoir révélé leur mot de passe.

Dans les plupart des cas, ils peuvent remettre à zéro leur propre mot de passe en utilisant Special: Password Reset In situations that are complicated by the user forgetting their account name or losing access to their email, additional measures may need to be taken by an administrator or system administrator.

Some website sessions accessed through HTTPS, a secure web protocol that encrypts data sent to and from a page, have been compromised as a result, and what makes the bug particularly serious is that some search engines (including Bing, Google, and Duck Duck Go) had cached, or saved, some of the leaked data for some time.

This data isn't easy for a nontechnical person to find, but for someone with knowledge of how to craft specific queries for affected websites' leaked data on search engines, it was well within their reach. 17 by Google Project Zero employee Tavis Ormandy, who, in a blog post, said he found "private messages from major dating sites, full messages from a well-known chat service, online password manager data, frames from adult video sites, hotel bookings" in the data cached by search engines.

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Ormandy uploaded screenshots of Fitbit and Uber sessions with sensitive information redacted. While the number of leaks is relatively small (about .00003% of HTTP requests, or 1 in every 3,300,000 requests, according to Cloudflare), the extent of the bug, which is being called "Cloudbleed," is far-reaching.

In a Medium blog post, security researcher Ryan Lackey wrote, "The duration and potential breadth of information exposed is huge — Cloudflare has over 2 million websites on its network, and data from any of these is potentially exposed."Additionally, hackers may be able to target compromised sites and extract information exposed by the bug.

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