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She said, “It was a show we tried, we were excited about… I think overall the summer has been a little bit soft for everybody.” What do you think?

The 2016-17 TV season is past the halfway point, so here’s our annual list of midseason premiere dates for new series and new seasons of returning shows.

NCIS (CBS at 8) An undercover mission is compromised, and the team must use an alternative route to uncover the truth.

It revolved around three very different women who are brought together to search for love.Her husband, Kit, died of brain cancer two years ago.“One of the biggest things I say is I don’t want someone to fill Kit’s shoes. Her late husband was “just an amazing person, an amazing man, an amazing husband, an amazing father,” she adds.Chicago Fire (NBC at 9) While Dawson and Casey try to gain full legal guardianship of Louie, other members of Firehouse 51 get competitive. Meyers (NBC at ) Repeat: Casey Affleck, Rebecca Romijn, Michael Che, Atom Willard.David Blaine: Beyond Magic (ABC at 10) The magician shows off his skills to David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Drake, Stephen Curry, Dave Chappelle and Emma Stone. The show revolves around a trio of young women — Libby Lopez, April Francis and Rachel Harley — as they live together in a house and date their way through 100 men, looking for Mister Right.


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